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Release Date: October 28, 2008


This site is intended as a supplement to the album Other People's Love Songs by Corey Dargel.

Corey Dargel

From 2006 to 2008, Dargel wrote custom-made love songs, commissioned by individuals as gifts for their significant others. To compose Other People’s Love Songs, he spoke to the commissioning partner and learned all about the histories, personalities, quirks, private jokes, and emotional lives of the people involved. He spun this tender data into lyrics and music that encompass a universe of feeling: not only gratitude, as one would expect from songs written as gifts, but generous measures of wistfulness, longing, frustration, and pride – and in some cases, regret, sadness, and resignation. Newlyweds, long marrieds, partners, siblings, daughters, mothers, and others stepped forward to commission these songs; at times, the results are almost voyeuristic in their intimacy.

On this site, you can listen to all 13 songs, read song lyrics, and learn more about the couples and stories behind each song.

[photo by yvan greenberg]

Track Listing and Credits

01. My Voice Is in Your Head (for Katie from Teresa)
02. Berkeley California (for Honor from Da)
03. Your Secret's Safe (for Ansel from Eve)
04. Had I Jumped (for Anne from Kurt)
05. All Other Sounds (for Brian from Molly)
06. The Men We Used to Be (for Paul from Jack)
07. Magnetically Elusive (for Moe from Eric)
08. Hurry Up and Settle Down (for Damon from Jenn)
09. Seagulls (for CJ from Karen)
10. Lullaby (for 45x from Rachel)
11. Five of a Kind (for Carl from Kristin)
12. Summer of Love (for Maile from Jeff)
13. Six Point Five Billion People (for Catherine from Phil)

Words and Music: Corey Dargel
instruments and vocals: Corey Dargel
Recording and mixing: Corey Dargel
Mastering: Tom Rogers at Atomix, Los Angeles

Artwork: Marisol Limon Martinez


words and music by Corey Dargel (except as noted)
artwork by Marisol Limon Martinez
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